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Current Positions

  • Departmental Research Lecturer on Ecosystems Science, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

  • Deputy Ecosystems Research Program Leader, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

  • Research Fellow on Tropical Ecology, Oriel College, Oxford.

  • Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, State University of Mato Grosso (UNEMAT), Brazil.

Research Interests

Plant Functional Physiology,  Ecosystem  and Community Ecology, Human-Induced Impacts on Ecosystems, Climate Change, Remote Sensing

I’m a broadly trained environmental scientist and forest ecologist. My collaborative research group strives to decipher human-induced and global change impacts over the form and function of ecosystems. In particular, we aim to link biological measures across spatial and temporal scales in ecology evolution. My research focuses on three core areas:

a) Plant functional physiology. - studying how abiotic stressors and disturbances influence organism form, function, and diversity 

b) Fire ecology.- Studying the vulnerability, resilience and resistance of organisms, communities and ecosystems to fire occurrences and fire regimes. 

c) Shifts on community assembly and ecosystem functioning across vegetation gradients (abiotic gradients and disturbance-driven gradients). -  Looking at ecological variation across vegetation gradients. We are particularly interested on deciphering points of critical functional loss linked to major ecological processes like productivity or nutrient cycling. 


  • PhD in Environmental Sciences, 2006, Autonomous University of Barcelona. Thesis title: Number of fires, large forest fires and prescribed burning in Mediterranean ecosystems.

  • MSc in Environmental Sciences, 2004, Autonomous University of Barcelona. Thesis title: Generalisation of the fire rotation model to curved fire lines, 

  • BSc in Environmental Sciences, 2000. Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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